Recommended maximum mural sizes.

Our murals are going to look amazing on your walls, but please bear in mind that the reproduction quality may decline on very large walls.

As will all digital images, the bigger you print it, the more visible the individual pixels are. To give a smoother appearance when an image is enlarged, these bigger pixels are digitally split into additional pixels using the ‘best guess’ of the computer but can result is a slightly fuzzy image.

We have included a guide with each mural design that recommends a maximum width and height. This isn’t a limit to the size your mural, however, should you request a size bigger than the recommended maximum dimension, your mural may show the effects of such extreme enlargement.

A few notes on measuring for your mural

When measuring your wall, bear in mind that we will automatically add an extra 5cm around the edge of your mural. This will ensure there is enough to trim for the perfect finish.

Paper Types

We currently use 2 paper types depending on your budget. Each gives a very different feel and are easily installed and maintained.


Although this is our budget end Standard wallpaper, it has a high quality, heavy-weight feel. Its uncoated finish gives a great tactile quality while the fibres create a warm vibe.


Our Premium wallpaper has a subtle vinyl texture that makes you want to touch it! Its high quality vinyl finish is easy to maintain and extremely easy to install.

Easy Installation

Easy Both papers are very easy to install. It’s really just a regular paste-the-wall wallpaper. With a good layer of paste applied to your wall, your mural, supplied in manageable drops, effortlessly (well, virtually effortlessly) slides into position. Any decorator or budding DIY enthusiast will be able to install!

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